How to choose a dream house for memorable days

When planning family holidays in Algarve, or anywhere else on the planet, there’s a lot more to pack than just clothes and personal care items. We help you define your checklist, so that the house you choose actually meets all the requirements, amenities and needs, depending on the characteristics and family requirements and the length of time you intend to stay.

Why renting a villa, house, or apartment?

The advantages of renting a villa, house, apartment or even a studio, as opposed to staying in a hotel, are countless and stand out, especially when traveling with the family or planning a longer stay.

• Total privacy

It all starts with the total privacy that only a house rented in exclusivity guarantees. It will be just like temporarily moving house, no check-in queues or breakfast lines, no crowds or waiting times. No strangers demanding the same attention every family knows they deserve.

• Controlled environment

For those traveling with children and the elderly or for those who cannot conceive a holiday without their pet, it is extremely important to know that all members of the family are always safe, in a place with exclusive access to the family. A reserved, discreet, and controlled place, where everyone can move freely without fear of getting lost or running away after a ball. Without having to keep a constant and tight watch, just like at home.

• Exclusive services

The possibility of adding luxury services to the house rental, in everything similar to those of a hotel:

– Grocery shopping taken home

– Personal driver

– Scheduling sports, artistic, cultural and adventure activities

– Cleaning service

– Private chef

– Organize a dinner, barbecue, party or even a surprise

– Babysitting services

– Boat rental

– Design private tourist tours

– Book courses and golf matches…

The list of services and amenities, in fact, is unlimited, as any wish can be previously arranged and coordinated with the tireless team of My Portugal Experience by OCVillas, whose professionalism revolves around a single purpose: to make your holidays memorable and save you from any stress.

• Convenience

A fully equipped house, where you can enjoy time without looking at the clock, without having to submit to kitchen schedules, where you can receive friends, the children can take naps for children and the rhythm of the elderly is respected, where you can listen to music in the middle of the night or diving into the pool whenever you feel like it, preparing a barbecue and where you don’t have to worry about anything is an unparalleled luxury.

How to choose the ideal family vacation home?

For the house to fit exactly what you dreamed of, to offer you all the services and amenities that you can’t do without and for the rental of the house to be the only thing you have to deal with, you have to know how to choose. This is the essential checklist when looking for a family holiday home in the Algarve.

1 – Location

As important as the house is its location. When planning a family holiday in Algarve, you certainly cannot imagine not leaving home, but rather exploring the surroundings, getting to know the neighboring towns, nightlife, local attractions, local life, places of cultural and artistic interest, bars, parks, beaches, golf courses and everything else where your family’s particular interests lie. So, choose a place that offers everything you are most interested in and where everything is accessible on foot or by bicycle. Surf fans will prefer beaches with waves, while craft lovers will appreciate being close to urban centers to be able to see shops and find gems. Also check if there are supermarkets, pharmacies, golf clubs or fishing equipment rental shops or any other service or purpose you may need in the vicinity of the house, villa, or apartment you are renting.

2 – House size and characteristics

Evaluate not only the number of bedrooms. The number of bathrooms and bathtubs – children and the elderly tend to be reluctant to shower – should also be considered. Equipped kitchen, laundry, common spaces, fireplace, outdoor areas, existence of a swimming pool, including a children’s pool, gym, children’s playground area, outdoor furniture, barbecue zone, shading and parking space, if you travel by car, should be taken into account. Large families will appreciate a villa with a garden, while a small family with grown up children may prefer an apartment. Long stays require a larger home, possibly with an office and good Wi-Fi, while a weekend getaway will require anything but that. Consider needs, length of vacation and whims to pamper yourself with while enjoying the sun, gastronomy and all Algarve’s charms.

Talk to us and clear all your doubts. After all, planning the best family holidays in Algarve deserves double-checking all the details.