Cookies Policy

OCvillas uses cookies to improve your experience as a user in the "My Portugal Experience" platform. This cookie policy is intended to explain how and why these cookies are used.



A cookie is a small text file downloaded through the website to your computer or mobile device that allows the website to recognize your preferences, such as your username, your chosen language, characters dimension and other display settings. That's why when you return to a website you've visited previously you do not need to redefine your preferences again.



We use these technologies for several reasons:

  • To facilitate and streamline the operation of the platform;
  • Whether or not you have allowed cookies to be installed on your device; 
  • Para compreender o modo como interage com a plataforma My Portugal Experience de modo a melhorarmos a sua experiencia de utilizador.


In addition, some videos embedded on our pages use a cookie to collect anonymous statistics about how people have reached it. 

The activation of cookies is not indispensable for our platform to work, however it is an element that facilitates navigation. Cookies can be deleted or blocked, but doing so may disable some features of the website.

Information associated with cookies is not used to personally identify users and they are not used outside of context.



Most browsers save cookies by default, however it is possible to disable this feature and change your browser preferences so that you reject cookies automatically. To do this simply change the preferences or settings of your browser and if necessary consult the help tab. 

If you choose to reject cookies automatically you may have to manually configure your preferences whenever you return to My Portugal Experience and run the risk of disabling certain services and features.

You can also erase, at any time, all cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device.

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