Privacy is nowadays the greatest of luxuries and being able to enjoy an Algarve holiday villa with an exclusive pool is an invitation to dive into a dream vacation. It has the advantage of being a financially attractive option and one that gives greater freedom, without being tied to hotel mealtimes, or subject to the whims of other guests. Best of all, you’ll have the swimming pool to yourself at any time of the day or night!

A house is preferable

There has been a growing trend on the domestic and international market to opt for holiday home rentals in the Algarve – of whatever type: studio, apartment, house or villa with swimming pool – rather than choose classic hotel accommodation, and this has gained even more traction after the pandemic. The reasons are obvious, and the advantages are numerous, all of which can be summed up in three words:

  • Luxury
  • Tranquility
  • Privacy

These concepts offer the enormous privilege of being able to exclusively enjoy an Algarve holiday villa with a pool (a very desirable extra), with the tranquility that only a house can bring – and in complete privacy and security. This is an even more significant option in tourist areas, where you can have a richer, more personalized and satisfying experience, which is completely different from that provided by traditional hotels, where you are just one more customer among many others.

Even better if the house offers customized services and experiences

Absolutely distinctive, in regions as sought after as the Algarve, are the exclusivity factor and a tailor-made service, available 24/7 and completely designed according to the needs of each guest.

This is the service of excellence that My Portugal Experience by OCvillas portal has been providing for over 10 years, which confers a seal of superior quality. It starts with a broad portfolio of dwellings, of various types, geographically spread across the Algarve, from East to West, and culminates in the possibility of designing unique and customized experiences according to the wishes of each client.

If the house had a pool, it would be just perfect!

Well, the house can and will have a pool if you wish. In a region blessed by year-round sunshine, such as the privileged Algarve, opting for a holiday villa with a pool seems only logical, even when the beach is not far away. Nothing is as invigorating for physical and mental well-being as taking a dip before breakfast, and few things are as romantic as ending the day with a last dive into the blue under a starry sky.

After all, with the professional help of an experienced and dedicated team like the one at My Portugal Experience by OCvillas, some luxuries are perfectly affordable and there are no dreams that cannot be fulfilled. If you are planning some quiet days, adapted to your schedule and needs, and dreaming of an Algarve holiday villa with a swimming pool, do not hesitate to consult us. Register on our website or contact us on +351 967 454 911.