With a mild maritime-influenced Mediterranean climate that remains pleasant even during the colder months, the Algarve is a top choice for celebrating the December holidays. Even Christmas is welcome if you choose to rent a holiday apartment in the Algarve. This solution allows you to gather your nuclear or extended family, maintaining the festive spirit, ensuring all traditions, and observing all the rituals as usual. The great advantage is that you will be adding the sweet relaxation feeling of a vacation away from home, and, with luck, away from the severe cold of other regions. The luckiest ones, with available vacation time, can stay until New Year’s Eve and, with the services provided by the My Portugal Experience by OC Villas team, ring in 2024 with a tailor-made celebration, designed and executed according to each of your desires. Here, we not only promise, but we also deliver.

Advantages of renting a holiday apartment in the Algarve in December

Any time of the year is always better in the south, where the climate is more enjoyable, and temperatures are higher than in the rest of the country. In highly touristic areas like the Algarve, a favorite destination for both national and international tourists, the advantages of choosing December are immense and go beyond the climate.

• During the low season, you can experience the regular life of each locality and feel the pulse of everyday life.

• Without the usual tourist crowds, you’ll have almost exclusive access to the idyllic beaches and landscapes that have made the Algarve one of the most desired European seaside resorts. You can even get to know the local life more deeply and immersively.

• Prices are more affordable during the months of lower tourist activity.

• Greater ease in renting services and programs, booking restaurants, or getting into trendy places.

• You’ll finally have time for more cultural activities, focused on architecture, rich museums, ceramics, or local craftsmanship. We can organize a tour, with a professional guide, that best suits your family’s profile, after all, this season is dedicated to family.

As for the benefits of renting a holiday apartment in the Algarve during the Christmas celebrations, they are significant.

• It’s well known that outside of the home, away from the usual routines and household duties, everyone feels lighter and happier, and everything seems more enjoyable.

• You don’t lose intimacy or the usual family schedules when staying in a holiday apartment.

• There’s the possibility to decide everything you want to do without any obligations since a fully equipped apartment, like those from My Portugal Experience by OC Villas, provides total freedom to sleep in, have a meal, laundry and ironing services if needed, or just stay at home in pajamas if you don’t feel like going out.

• A rented apartment is a home away from home, and an apartment from My Portugal Experience by OC Villas comes with numerous extras that can make any vacation feel dreamy. Even more so during the magical Christmas holidays, which are so keen for gifts and surprises. In fact, one of the options is precisely the Surprise Package, which allows you to use your imagination and generosity to the fullest.

• In a season where so much importance is placed on the table, traditional dishes, and seasonal flavors, it’s essential to be free to fill the Christmas table with your own cooking and know that you can have a private chef, and even add some of the Algarve traditions and flavors. 

• There’s less space constraint since you can choose the type of apartment that best suits your family, without the need to have someone sleeping on the couch.

• For those more interested in New Year’s Eve, the babysitting service provided by the holiday apartments in the Algarve from My Portugal Experience can be particularly appealing to young parents. Finally, a New Year’s celebration that goes beyond midnight!

• And if you were to end up with a professional photo session that captures everything for posterity? It’s not just a wish but a real possibility in any of our holiday apartments in the Algarve.

Now, since the Algarve is vast and diverse, let’s explore the destinations you can choose for this December, the month of all celebrations:







They are so appealing that you could even draw a Christmas tree with all of them.

If you’re considering spending the holidays away from home but don’t want to lose that cozy feeling and want to embrace the New Year in a different way, explore our portfolio, get to know our services, or contact us, and we’ll find the ideal holiday apartment in the Algarve for you, based on your family and your desires.

Happy 2024!