The ideal vacation brings together total autonomy and independence, superior quality accommodation and the perks of a hotel. Added to this is the possibility of including the whole family in the experience, without fear of going bankrupt. It may seem like a complex Tetris maneuver, when in fact it’s an easy exercise to complete. My Portugal Experience by OC Villas meets all these criteria in a vast and seductive portfolio of holiday homes in the south, including comfortable beach apartments in the Algarve. What we leave you here is a small guide so that you know how to look for exactly what suits you best, in the most convenient way.

For many families, the dream holiday home is not a villa with a swimming pool, especially if you have restless children to supervise, but rather apartments, either centrally located, so that the nightlife does not involve long journeys, or facing the sea, to guarantee quick access to the beach. If this is your case, this article is of interest to you.


Even if you’ve already decided that you want an apartment, there are details to consider when renting yours. Define the degree of autonomy you want to have on your holidays and, accordingly, which equipment and services the apartment, or the area in which it is located, must provide. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing your beach apartment in the Algarve:

  • Parking
  • Garage

Those traveling by car may want to leave it well-kept during holidays, without having to worry about parking or shading. If your vacation includes sightseeing or night trips, it’s good to know that you have a guaranteed parking space when you return to the apartment.

  • Equipped kitchen
  • Internet access

Families with children, teenagers, or adults in semi-telework will value the possibility of preparing small meals at home and having quick access to the internet, even if it is just to entertain the younger ones while you don’t leave the house.

  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony
  • View

Even if there are no plans to spend a lot of time in the apartment, knowing that it has air conditioning is a huge advantage, to ensure freshness in summer and ease the cold in winter. A balcony or terrace, where to have a drink at the end of the day before going out to dinner or just to get some air, see the view or refresh the house is another factor to consider.

  • Number of rooms, beds, and square meters
  • Pet-friendly

Don’t just rely on the number of rooms. Inquire about the number of beds available and find out about the areas in square meters, to ensure that there is enough space for everyone, based on privacy criteria.

The term family includes all members, including pets, so it is also important to know if the beach apartment in the Algarve where you would like to stay is pet-friendly, so that no one is left behind.

  • Pool
  • Private condominium

The safety factor is one of the most decisive in any home, even if you only stay there for a week or two. Check if it is a private condominium, if it has security, 24-hour doorman and, and in case there is a pool or garden, if they are safe for children and animals.

  • Amenities

What services are included or can be included in the rental of your beach apartment in the Algarve? Catering, babysitting, pet-sitting, a chef’s services for a special dinner, make-up artist for a night out, boat rental, diving, surfing lessons… My Portugal Experience by OC Villas includes countless extra services that are just a mere phone or email reservation away. Try to anticipate everything you might need and look for a partner who is up to the challenge. Because there are many houses, but luxury services that respond to your needs and desires are harder to find. They can, precisely, make the difference in obtaining a dream vacation.

  • Accessibility

Having decided for beach apartments in the Algarve, the region is chosen as well as the type of house. But there are still many criteria to define, starting with the centrality, or not, of the house, depending on your desire. Those who like more secluded places, away from the hustle and bustle, should pay attention to the following factors:

How far is the beach? It may be enough for you to have a sea view from your apartment, but it may be important to access the beach without needing a car. Check the exact distance, if it is in a walking distance or, if not, if there is a bicycle rental nearby or what is the best way to get there.

Means of public transport, distance from the airport and the nearest train station are important questions that you must answer before deciding.

Basic services. It is important that you check how far you are from some basic services, such as grocery stores, cafes, bakeries, gas stations, nightlife, pharmacies, among others that may prove to be essential for those who rent beach apartments in the Algarve.

Extra services. Being able to request that your groceries be taken home, for example, is a hugely helpful service, which will make your holiday routine nothing like everyday life.
Check our portfolio, consult our offer in the Algarve, use the filters, ask us questions and put us to the test! Our goal is to provide distinctive holidays to all our guests.