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The best beaches to discover on your holidays in Albufeira

as melhores praias para as ferias em albufeira

The sun is starting to appear more often, and it is normal that you are already counting the days to your summer vacation in Algarve!

In this region, Albufeira is one of the most requested cities during the warm months, being nationally and internationally recognized for the diversity and beauty of its beaches. But with so many to choose from, which are the beaches you need to visit during your holidays in Albufeira?

If you are thinking of staying in Albufeira to enjoy the warmth, tasty food and, especially, the beaches that the city has to offer, we will present you a beaches’ itinerary that you have to visit or rediscover during your stay!

Fisherman’s Beach

Fisherman’s Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Albufeira. Located next to the city, this urban beach is ideal for those who don’t want to use a car during their holidays in Albufeira, because it offers easy access, as well as numerous facilities and services.

Originally used by the fishermen of Albufeira, it is still possible to contemplate picturesque boats along the beach belonging to the fishermen who are still active.

Oura Beach

Surrounded by a wide variety of apartments, hotels, bars and restaurants, Oura Beach is the perfect choice for those who like movement and entertainment!

Relax on comfortable sun loungers and straw hats or stroll along the beach to find, on the eastern side, the well-known rock “Pedra dos Bicos”.

Beach of São Rafael Beach

The beach of São Rafael is located very close to the city, being surrounded by small rocky formations with great exotic beauty.

These rocky formations extend throughout the whole beach, appearing in the form of caves and submerged rocks that allow the existence of an abundant marine fauna. As such, this beach is the most recommended if you want to practice diving during your holidays in Albufeira.

Coelha Beach

Located about 5 kilometers from the center of Albufeira, Coelha Beach is only accessible via a clay track.

Despite being a small cove, the beach is supervised all summer, being known for its crystal-clear waters. At the same time, as it is sheltered between cliffs, so it’s ideal on windy days.

Falésia Beach

One of the most striking features of Falésia beach is its golden and fine sand, which extends for more than 3 kilometers. In addition, the beach is surrounded by high cliffs and green areas that create a natural environment of great beauty.

Due to its size, this beach is one of the quietest in the Algarve, allowing you to enjoy your holidays in Albufeira more serenely.

Salgados Beach

Salgados Beach is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Albufeira and is very frequented by several celebrities.

With long wooden walkways, this beach allows you to enjoy all the surrounding nature, as well as contemplate the exquisite hotels and golf courses near the beach.

Now that you know all the magnificent beaches you should visit, book your holidays in Albufeira and begin to scratch the days on the calendar!

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