The days are starting to get cooler and everyone is noticing differences in Algarve’s beaches. The huge flood of tourists and holidaymakers, who have chosen the south of the country as a holiday destination, is already leaving Algarve, making this area much more appealing to those who enjoy tranquility.

Although Algarve is known mainly for its beaches, if you visit the region in the winter you will easily realize that Algarve’s magic is not just about its long sandy beaches and warm waters!

Today, we present you with four places to visit in Algarve in the winter, that will make you love the history and the breathtaking landscapes of this area.

1. Ria Formosa Natural Park

With great international relevance, Ria Formosa Natural Park is one of the places to visit in Algarve in the winter that you cannot miss!

The park covers more than 18,000 hectares, between the Garrão and Manta Rota beaches, with unique landscapes and a very significant biodiversity. As such, this natural park is perfect for hiking, allowing you to discover all the canals, islands, marshes and shoals.

In addition, you can take a boat trip and observe the various species of birds that pass through this area during the cooler months, such as the purple gallinule.

2. Sagres

Sagres is the ideal destination for nature lovers, surrounded by stunning beaches that are often deserted during the winter.

Stroll on the sandy Tonel or Mareta beaches and, if you are a Surf lover, take the opportunity to catch some waves in the Zavial beach, as it is during the months of November and March that Algarve ripples are stronger.

In Sagres, it is also essential to visit Cabo de São Vicente, the southwestern tip of the European continent, as well as the Sagres Fort, which will give you magnificent views of the coves of Southwest Alentejo Nature Park.

3. Monchique

The picturesque village of Monchique is situated in a mountain range with the same name, known for its vegetation, fauna and medicinal waters. In the Monchique mountain range, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling, or you can even venture to Fóia viewpoint, the highest point in Algarve, at 902 meters altitude.

If you visit Monchique, make a leap to the ruins of the Convent of Nossa Senhora do Desterro, a former convent of the Friars of the Third Regular Order of San Francisco.

4. Cacelha Velha

Another of the best places to visit in Algarve in the winter is the locality of Cacela Velha, which is an authentic viewpoint over the sea and the islands of Ria Formosa Natural Park.

In this small village, you can also visit its Mother Church, a sixteenth-century building on the edge of the cliff, and the Cacela Velha Fort, an Islamic Fort dating back to the 17th century.

Before choosing which places to visit in Algarve in the winter, settle comfortably in the region by analyzing the entire range of accommodation that characterizes Algarve. Then, just choose the one that best meets your needs!