Our standards of service and cleanliness have always been high, but due to the pandemic Covid-19, we have been in constant training to be able to implement high levels of safety and hygiene so that our guests feel confident in their holiday homes this year.

We follow closely all the safety and containment recommendations advised by the Health Authority and will take the following practical measures during your stay with us:

  • Provide training in cleaning and disinfection for Covid-19 to all staff;
  • Implement a detailed checklist for certain items that need to be disinfected, especially door handles, knobs, switches, etc;
  • All cleanings will become disinfections, using bleach-based products, on all surfaces;
  • The use of personal safety equipment is mandatory for the cleaning staff and OCvillas staff;
  • We will have 2 days gap on each booking, so that all properties will be aired before cleaning and after cleaning;
  • There will be no cleaning in the middle of the stay, to avoid contact with the cleaning team, so extra cleaned towels will be provided;
  • Check-in and check-out will be replaced by videocalls visits;
  • If there is something in need of maintenance, or replacement of something damaged, it will only be done after check-out, and between arrivals (some exceptions may apply);
  • All decorative pillows, decorative bedspreads and all textiles that can be touched by several people will be removed from the property and the guest will be informed of this. The curtains must stay but will be tied in such a way that they are not moved, and a notice will be placed;
  • Our entire customer support team regularly receives specific training to act in case of suspected contamination by Covid-19 and we will activate the necessary mechanisms so that guests receive the necessary assistance;
  • We will be in constant contact with the Municipal services and local entertainment companies to know in real time what the current restrictions are, in terms of beaches, events and activities that may be conditioned.

With the confidence that we will welcome you safely, we look forward to seeing you soon!

The team My Portugal Experience at your disposal.