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What to do in Algarve in the Winter?

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The 12 hours a day of a magnificent Algarve sun are over and the long dives in waters that reach 21 ºC can no longer be given.

And now? Is there anything else that can be done in the Algarve in the winter?

If you are one of those who thinks that the Algarve can only be enjoyed during the summer, let it go!

Even during winter, the Algarve climate is temperate, with average temperatures between 9 ºC and 16 ºC. The rainy periods are occasional, which allows you to carry out various activities and enjoy long walks all year round.

In winter it still has a great advantage: the numerous Portuguese tourists and holidaymakers scatter during the low season, being able to enjoy with more tranquility all that this region has to offer.

Hotels and Spas at half price

One of the great strengths of the Algarve is the quality and diversity of the hotel sector and Spas. With the arrival of the low season, the average price of staying in hotels and treatments in Spas is significantly lower, so you can enjoy the same services and quality while spending much less.

To take advantage of the Algarve in the winter, do some research on the various places available to stay overnight. You can also choose to do rural tourism or resort to rental properties, even spending less!

A day spent with animals

Although the Algarve’s best known park – Zoomarine – is closed during the winter, you can take advantage of other animals that live in the area.

The Lagos Zoo is open during the cooler months and has a special winter program. The “Natalândia” takes place between December 8 and 31 and brings Santa Claus, reindeer and goblins to the zoo’s many species of animals.

In Algoz, you will also find the Krazy World Zoo, open from Friday to Sunday during the winter months, and which is home to several camels, lemurs, alligator turtles and many other animals.

Surfing and Golf … In Winter

One of the best ways to take advantage of the Algarve in the winter is to catch the best waves in the area. Between November and March is the best time to practice surfing on the Algarve coast, since the waves are stronger, reaching between 2 m and 4.5 m in height.

Another of the most characteristic activities of the Algarve is Golf. Algarve golf courses are recognized worldwide, so in summer they are always crowded. So, taking advantage of this quieter time to give a shot with your friends is an excellent option.

The ancient Algarve and the traditional festivals

Discover the picturesque Algarve villages such as Estoi in Faro, Cachopo in Tavira or Paderne in Albufeira.

In addition to visiting the villages and tasting the local gastronomy, you can also participate in traditional Algarve festivals during the winter, such as the famous Loulé Carnival, with three days of great animation.

To all these activities, join also a long walks in the beautiful beaches of the Beach of Albufeira or the Beach of the Rock, in the south of Portimão, and make the most of the Algarve in the winter!

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