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All you need to know about holiday rental in Algarve

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If you are scheduling your trip to Portugal for a well-deserved summer holidays and you already decided which destination you’ll go for a few weeks to rest, then this article is for you. The holiday homes rental in the Algarve is not complicated, but there is some advice that you should consider to be totally unconcerned.

Portugal is a member of the Euro zone, so the currency used in all transactions is the Euro. The banks are open between 08:30 and 15:00, and you can always use the national ATM network, which is very modern and comprehensive. Do not forget to bring your passport and credit cards with you, they can be necessary.

Useful tips for holiday rentals in Algarve

The holiday homes rental in the Algarve is very similar to other holiday regions scattered throughout Europe. The offer is vast and varied, finding your dream holiday home will not be an impossible task. The houses in the Algarve, as a rule, are spacious and welcoming, and at very affordable prices, especially for foreigners.

Among the existing offer, you can find apartments, villas, condominiums or villas. Depending on your budget, the holiday homes rental in the Algarve can be time consuming and complicated. The lower it is, the more refined the demand will have to be.

One of the best ways to approach Algarve holiday rental is through a real estate agency, although there are several other ways of doing so.

What you need to know before renting your holiday home

 There are two types of lease: long and short term. With the influx of tourists to the Algarve, short-term rentals are relatively easy to get. There are several types of villas and apartments, and the most recent ones already have several amenities:

– Air conditioning

– Balconies

– Garage or other parking

– Garden

– Terrace

Prefer quieter areas and away from the confusion

Try to avoid the very central areas where prices are higher and it’s harder to rest. Additionally, it’s easier to enjoy the wonderful Algarve weekends and have fun with family or friends. The roads and accesses in the Algarve are of reasonable quality. So, if you want more confusion, just drive to the centre of any town or city, and you’ll see that you put yourself with relative ease and speed.

A good tip for the holiday rental in Algarve is to rent the house from one year to the next. If you liked the villa, the location and the surroundings, try to rent it before returning home and relax the rest of the year. Your place is guaranteed and you will not need to return to the process of renting holiday homes in the Algarve in the coming months.

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