With the arrival of autumn, the Algarve region becomes a little paradise to explore!

The fact that, in these months, Algarve has far fewer visitors, but the sun continues to shine most days, attracts all those who want a more peaceful vacation or weekend in Portugal.

In addition to the traditional hotels, there are several accommodations available for rent in Algarve, which provide you with a much more personal experience in the south of Portugal. So, if you are looking for a house to rent in Algarve, know everything you should take into account so that the accommodation really covers your needs.

What type of house to rent in Algarve should I choose?

When searching for a house to rent in Algarve, one of the first steps should be to decide if you prefer to rent an apartment, a villa or a studio.

Renting an apartment or even a studio turns out to be a more economical option and to offer you everything you need for a fun weekend in Algarve. These options are great if you are visiting the Algarve region alone, as a couple or even with your family.

However, if you have a large family or prefer a more refined holiday with a group of friends, the private villas offer you not only more space but also allow you to make creative plans outdoors with your restricted group.

What are the main characteristics to consider when choosing a house to rent in Algarve?

A house, even when it is rented for a short vacation, must always offer comfort and meet the needs of those who occupy it.

So, the choice of your house to rent in Algarve should take into account if, for example, you need Internet access, if it is a pet-friendly house, if it has a closed garage or parking, if the house has a dishwasher or even if the room has step-free access.

In addition, you may also want to organize a different day and look for a holiday home in Algarve with a swimming pool or a heated pool, or always want to wake up to a magnificent view and rent a house with a sea view!

Location and services

In addition to the characteristics of the house itself, another important factor is its location. If you want a more active social life, you can look for a house to rent in Algarve in places like Albufeira, Galé or Vilamoura. On the other hand, Olhos D’Água, Silves or Ferreiras are equally beautiful places and more conducive to a few days of total rest.

Likewise, you also have the opportunity to choose a house rental company in Algarve that, in addition to the house, gives you access to a range of extra services that complement and facilitate your vacation, such as a rent-a-car service, babysitting or additional house cleaning.

Contact a company specialized in finding the best house to rent in Algarve and have a dream vacation in one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal!