The covid-19 pandemic is affecting the holiday plans of all people, at least as we know it so far.

These warm months are usually used by tourists to spend a holiday in the Algarve region to enjoy a good day at the beach, take long walks with the family and have a lot of fun. This year, although care needs to be reinforced, your vacation can be just as fun.

To this end, today we leave you with some advices to make the most of your summer holidays in Algarve in times of pandemic!

1. Rent a holiday home instead of staying in a hotel

This summer, if you want to feel safer on your holidays in Algarve, a good solution is to rent an accommodation in the region. Whether you want to rent an apartment, a private villa or even a studio, there are plenty of options! 

In addition to these accommodations being delivered to you after a thorough cleaning, when renting a holiday home you have greater control over who enters in your space, not having as many common spaces as you find in a hotel. In addition, in an accommodation you have the possibility to cook your own meals, avoiding frequent trips to restaurants, which can carry greater risks.

2. House with pool, reinforced security!

On these holidays in Algarve in times of pandemic, renting a house with a swimming pool can make all the difference!

In a private garden with a pool, you and your family will be plenty of fun and you can let your children play freely in the garden without feeling anxious about interactions with other people. This option is also perfect if you are going on holiday to Algarve with people from risk groups, such as the elderly and people with respiratory problems.

3. Additional cleaning

We know that, currently, the cleanliness of spaces is even more relevant to make you feel safe and relaxed on your holidays in Algarve.

As such, in addition to the cleaning services provided, when renting a holiday home you can also request an additional cleaning service with a team of experienced professionals who leave your accommodation completely disinfected and cleaned.

4. A Chef’s dinner at home

On these holidays in Algarve in times of pandemic, we understand that you are not in the mood to dine in restaurants. Or, at least, you won’t be eating as many meals outside your house as you would last year.

So, one way to protect yourself and your family and make everyone feel more comfortable is to cook at home. However, if you want to enjoy a Chef experience at home, it is already possible!

There are several Chefs in the Algarve available for private cooking services, offering you personalized dining experiences in your holiday home. The menus range from a light lunch to a barbecue, or even a fine-dining dinner!

Be sure to enjoy your holidays. Contact a rental company in Algarve now to help you plan your holidays in Algarve in times of pandemic and have the days of rest you deserve!