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Tips for renting holidays homes in Algarve

dicas para alugar casas de ferias no algarve

Algarve is the ideal region to spend holidays and to relax. Besides having a wide offer for unforgettable holidays, Algarve has a little bit of everything: beach, countryside, city, monuments, gastronomy, outdoor activities, sports, culture and nightlife. Whatever is your preference, the region’s diversity is a guarantee of relaxing holidays. But what is the best way to rent holiday homes in the Algarve?

Although it is the most tourist region of Portugal, Algarve is very diverse and its towns and cities are very distinct from each other. Find out what area you would like the most and collect as much information about it as possible. Renting holiday homes in the Algarve is simple, but you should try to make sure your expectations are not let down.

To give you some help, here are some tips that can be very useful when renting holiday homes in the Algarve. Some of them are common to many other holidays’ spots, but there are other more specific and characteristic, both country and the Algarve region.

What to know before renting holiday homes in Algarve?

1. Never look for a house in summer: the ideal period for renting holiday homes in the Algarve is between the months of October and April. From May to August, the leases are only available for an entire week (it’s much more lucrative that way). The ideal is trying to lease at the late high season – late September – when prices are lower and trading is easier.

2. Be careful about sub-leasing and cash deals: many owners in Portugal rent their properties or homes for money, avoiding declaring these amounts to the Treasury. Others sub-lease properties of which they are renters, earning the margin between what they pay and what they earn. Beware of these schemes and prefer a reputable agency or a trustworthy owner. A cash deal can seem very cheap and tempting but leaves you without any kind of legal protection.

3. Do not be in a hurry: the demand for long-term lease in Portugal has increased significantly, which has increased the pressure on supply. Currently, there are not as many properties or villas for long-term lease as there were a few years ago. The tourist boom in Portugal has caused some imbalances in the supply and demand of rental properties. But do not rush, try to have fun in this chimera. There are worse things to do than tour this beautiful region to rent holiday homes in the Algarve.

4. Go there and search for it: many of the houses, villas and properties for rent in the Algarve are not put online, which makes the range of offer is reduced. If you can, take a weekend to stroll, sunbath and spend a few hours at the “painful” task of renting holiday homes in the Algarve. If you do not have this possibility, contact a local leasing agency and contact the owners, stating their preferences and conditions. Try to find a reliable partner to rent holiday homes in the Algarve with greater ease.

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