Holidays are a space to remember!

Staying on the beach all day long over the holidays may seem like fun. Even relaxing! But when someone asks you “How was your holidays?”, what will you say?

Holidays serve to strengthen family ties and to create lasting experiences above all else. Experiences that remain in your children’s memory.

Having family adventures is a way to perpetuate these moments. Have you ever imagined that these moments will be counted by you, by the children and by the children of your children?

If you have doubts WHERE you can start to venture into family, or if you want to return to the adventure this summer, we can say that Albufeira is the ideal city for that to happen (without any doubt)!

5 adventures in Albufeira

1. Our first suggestion is connected to water. Yes, water is key to life, but near Albufeira there is a space in which the water is essential for fun. We are talking about Slide & Splash, one of the best water parks in Europe! Here you can spend many hours with your family having fun, whether in the pools or on the various kinds of slides that exist there.

2. Still connected to water, we suggest a pirate adventure. The Algarve were, in the old days, dangerous for the most distracted navigators. Now it’s your turn! Why do not you and your family get together and occupy a pirate ship for a real adventure in the Albufeira seas? Do not hesitate, whoever sailed here did not regret it.

3. Have you been seduced by our waters? Do you want to go back there and have a new experience? Why do not you go look for dolphins? Discover the Algarve coast, while you try at the same time to see dolphins in their natural habitat and in the wild. These tours are made from the Albufeira Marina and they can be made by children from the age of three.

4. Speaking of dolphins… And how about seeing these nice animals, and a few more friends, at Zoomarine? See seals, sea lions, sharks, turtles and birds of prey. Watch 4D movies. Have fun in the fun spaces that were created for you and your family. If your children want, Zoomarine also has free time activities in which they can participate.

5. If you want to do something quieter and peaceful, you can always go horseback riding through the dunes of Praia Grande and next to Lagoa dos Salgados. Besides you to being able to see several species of protected animals in their natural habitats, you can experience something completely new and touching while galloping through these sand lands with your family. Unique!

What are you waiting for?

Are you still in doubt? Albufeira is one of those cities that surprises you. Not only for the beaches, but also for the experiences it offers to those who seek them. Take a different vacation. Escape from the beach towel and experience new emotions with your family.

Surprise who you love and yourself with some different holidays. Make the beach just a range of activities and not the activity itself. Be different! Try the summer! Feel Albufeira!